Ghost to Falco, Soft Shield

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ghost to falco

Ghost to Falco's Soft Shield is clearly a labor of love—made with limited financial resources, but with a host of accomplished musicians who cover a variety of parts and labors, the LP proves that no project is too small for passionate musicians. Soft Shield, which can be streamed in its entirety below, is multilayered and complex. Intended for thoughtful listens, it has elements of Television-style hypnosis, as well some folk influences that keep it elementally soothing, but the real mastery is in how much thought went in to the process of making the record. With well-mixed guitar lines and clear-as-day vocals, there is a musicianship here that is rarely found on limited self-releases. The occasional track even floats into Built to Spill territory, what with it's guitar that sounds as commanding as its frontman.

Soft Shield released on vinyl through small Italian label called Fooltribe, but will be available for purchase on April 11 here.