GraySkul + Maker = GrayMaker

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If someone told me Grayskul and Maker were doing a collaborative project , I would have dismissed it as crazy talk. Now I have an mp3 titled “Crazy Talk” off the collaborative album from those two artists.

I never understood Grayskul. Prior to its debut on Rhymesayers, I saw them open for Atmosphere years ago. The duo wore alien dolls on their shoulders and the only light on the stage was from a strobe light positioned behind an old television that was tuned to fuzz. I knew without hearing Bloody Radio that Grayskul was not for me.

Chicago producer Maker creates hip hop at a higher level. His collaboration record includes a grocery list of small market rappers that should be kissing their lucky pennies for the opportunity to perform over Maker's beats. Add Grayskul to the list.

For “Crazy Talk” Maker laces the duo of JFK and Onry Ozzborn with a house of organs that ground Grayskul's proclivity for the gothic side of hip hop. It's still dark, in a “House of the Rising Sun” sort of way, without the necessity of black trenchcoats and dry ice.