Great American Canyon Band, “Crash”

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Great American Canyon Band is made up of Paul and Kris Masson, and their love story seemed more like destiny than coincidence. These Baltimore natives found the music came to them, rather than the other way around, when they were mostly isolated in the outskirts of Chicago. The duo have been creating music for many years now, and their latest song is called, “Crash.”

“Crash” has an instantly wispy, errie sound to it, reminiscent of the wind howling on a country night. The sound is unmistakably western and the guitar strums and the beat of the tambourine is strong and ever present. The male and female voice blend perfectly together, so that it’s hard to tell where the male voice ends and the female voice begins as they intertwine together. The chemistry between the two voices is unmistakable and perfect as they sing, “don’t let me fall through, cause I crash into you.”

“Sometimes you have to circle back to where things began in order to move ahead and that’s what this performance of ‘Crash’ is for us,” they elaborate. “Recorded live in our home, it’s a glimpse into where songs begin when we write. On our LP ‘Only You Remain’ we purposefully gave the listener a lot to take in. A wall of sounds to be found and deciphered. It’s creatively where we were at that point. But music and inspiration are fickle and often demand a change of path mid step. What that meant for us right now was going back to this song’s essence. Just our voices, a guitar or two and leaving the space needed to allow what isn’t there to be as powerful as what is.”


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