Grillade, “Just A Sad Christmas”

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As much as I want to be left alone in my ritual down in the dumps during Christmas demeanor, there's an army of joy-mongers who love to label the killjoys. Thanks to fuggin' Charles Dickinson and Dr. Seuss these minions have a language for people like me as I bear the scarlet letter of Scrooge or Grinch. I don't think I'm alone in feeling that the most wonderful time of the year brings out the most hollow attempts at joy in people. I'm of the opinion that the tragic piling up of festive charades is like a snowball on a mountain top, gaining strength and speed down a luge that ends in rage, tears and drunken buffoonery – making New Years Eve impossible to enjoy.

Grillade are privy to the lack of reality-based Christmas music. It is tipping the scale a hair with “Just A Sad Christmas,” which is a cover originally performed by Soul Duo for its second ever 7″ single in 1969. Nothing like a good unearthing to lift my spirits and warm my tired soul by knowing that over 40 years ago Soul Duo's single never took off due to the politics of St. Nick. Ragen Fykes offered her take on the single:

Sad Christmas embodies the soul of Christmas now. It has meat, it has bite. It reflects on thevast majority that are shadowed by Jingle Bells. Not everybody is standing under the mistletoe this year, not everyone is having a Holly Jolly Christmas. Its The christmas song you would never hear, but should hear. It offers a musical release from Grillade, for those in need. Tis the season.

“Just A Sad Christmas” is available on iTunes and Amazon for download.