Gucci Mane, Mr. Zone 6

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gucci mane mr. zone 6

Bootleggers keep firing up those burners, bloggers are bloggin, and kids won't stop pressing that god damn download button, Gucci Mane's first official mixtape since being released from Fulton County Jail, “Mr. Zone 6”, is here!

With no Ursher nor Mario appearances in sight, Gucci came back this time with something for the street. And dude sounds like he's been practicing. The trademark slurry, punch-drunk flow is sharper and more polished than before. He raps double-time on a bunch of tracks without missing a beat. The production consists of hypnotic wobbly loops that longtime fans crave. Even Drama thankfully keeps the ad-libs and drops to a bare minimum.

Most of the beats sound like vintage Zaythoven although the standout, by far, is the Drummer Boy produced “Normal”, featuring a haunted carnival sounding vibe perfectly tailored to the weirdo drug addled verse Gucci drops on it.

Other notables include You Know What It Is” featuring Wacka Flocka, who sounds like he's dread-banging the whole track and Stove Music with hilarious Yo Gotti lines like, “Stove murrrsic / Homie don't you confurrrse it / Lames gon copy, D-boys gon aburrrse it.”

But seriously. This is a solid comeback tape from the king of East Atlanta with heavy replay value. Don't be the last one of your boys to get it… here.

Gucci Mane, “Normal”

Gucci Mane, “You Know What It Is” (Feat. Wacka Flocka)

Gucci Mane, “Stove Music” (Feat. Yo Gotti + Wacka Flocka)

Gucci Mane, “Long Money”