Stream Hallowed Bells’ self-titled EP

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The hypnotic potential for electronic musicians to create otherworldly ambiances seems to grow with the output of every new artist. Philadelphia duo Hallowed Bells are taking listeners on a heavenly voyage with their simply constructed, yet charmingly complex debut self-titled EP. Alison Stout and Darian Scatton, both from electronic backgrounds, teamed up in 2013 to write these six songs which they recorded a year later in Scatton’s attic. Organ tones painted over by synth and chimes give an immediate ethereality in the first song, “Color Organ”, shortly thereafter dashed by a chromatic drop-off, which recurs through the album (also notably on the appropriately titled “Gloomaroo”), and adds a tumbling effect to the weightless nature of the sound. Little insertions of percussion, as on “Jovian Lights” and the analog maze-like “Baba Yaga” ground the record to remind you that you’re still on the planet.

Hallowed Bells is available now on Blight Records.