Hammered Satin, “Emily”

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Hollywood's glam brats, Hammered Satin premiere the farewell tale of fleeting infatuation with “Emily”. The core trio of Noah Wallace on vocal lead, axe wielder Conor Behrle and bassist Dan Sandvick shake up the old school English Disco with the shredding American rock that fueled the UK 'cock rock' of the 70s. Ripping out fashion notes and style cues from a list that checks The Rats, Hello, Iron Cross, The Plod and so on; their “God Gave Rock And Roll to You” gift errs on the side of Argent than the version from Kiss. Turn back the clocks to sometime before 1974, and join Southern California's Hammered Satin on a debaucherous tour of companionship found and lost with “Emily”. And while it may be that “parting is such sweet sorrow”, listen as these dudes continue the party all the way through and after their multilingual groupie farewells of, “adios, au revoir, auf wiedersehen, until we meet again.”

Having commented much on the borrowed glitter wardrobe aesthetics of the 70s, lyrical construction is also constructed in a similar ode. Like the early 70s return to 50s greaser rock and roll affinities, Hammered also works in the form of classic stock story narratives. The opening tragedy of, “It was a rainy night I remember, when I found out my best friend had died,” to the appearance of “Emily” the heroine savior, “then along came this chick, she was cool she was slick,” to the fly-by-night departure. With the simple American tale left open ended, we wonder how both parties will manage apart, even as Hammered Satin keeps partying on.

The drums drive on Behrle's shreds, while “waaahh” backup choruses cushion Wallace's song of a Copenhagen tryst and farewell. From pouring a little out to remember a departed friend, the found and lost comforts of lust in “Emily” are met with the chorus raising their hands waving, “good bye Emily” in a stadium like cheer. It would almost be callous for such fanfare with hasty exits if Noah and the boys had not made such an authentic, early 70s LA ballad built out of the tools left behind from the proto-gurus of metal. “Gotta catch that plane back to LA, good bye Emily, so long…” We miss you already, Emily.</p>

Hammered Satin's single “Emily” comes out May 28 from Burger Records / Diamond Fist Records ahead of the GLAMORAMA full-length coming in August.