HANZ, “Count”

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With HANZ's Reducer debut pushed to May, the Georgia-based producer set free “Count”, a track that trades in the discordant musique concrète found on previous single “War Fiction” for ruinous rap samples and deep dystopian house.

“Count” finds HANZ in a post-fall out mentality. Iggy Pop croons “like the nuclear bomb”, but the atomic crash hits before he can finish his sentence. All that is left is echoing sirens, unmanned and off-pulse from the explosion. HANZ surveys the terrain with his production, before discovering an underground gathering that survived the apocalypse. This is where the dystopian house enters “Count” as HANZ chops vocal samples of “and you wanna cut it up.” With each track revealed from the upcoming Reducer LP, we get a greater sense of HANZ' vision of the future and it seems to be veering closer and closer to Orwellian collapse.

HANZ's Reducer is out May 12.