Hear more of Toro y Moi's dance moniker, Les Sins

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Chaz Bundwick is Les Sins is Toro y Moi. Press photo.

If we're going to anoint some young bright music maker for doing things that are cool, new, and relevant for their 23-year old selves, then my vote goes to Toro y Moi over any weed-grinding stoners — sporting two monikers is really the only way to prove you're on top of your different piles of sweet-smelling shit these days.

Les Sins is Toro y Moi wearing his dance hat full-on. It has the sound of live beat-matching and on-the-fly slicing and chopping, without losing that weird sonic phenomenon in which some of the sounds of chillwave share a crossroads with the glitzy throb of Ibiza house music. So there ya go.

With a measure of regret, we stream you these two tracks from Soundcloud:

The Les Sins 12″ is out on Carpark November 9.