Hidden Ritual Announces New Album, Debuts Single “Rat”

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Austin, TX’s rock collective Hidden Ritual – comprised of Jaime Zuverza (vocals/guitar), Ryan Camarillo (bass), Matt Reilly (drums), and Robert Kaye (keys) – has been hard at work on a new album. What’s that, you say? Yes, the guys are putting the finishing touches on their sophomore album, titled Always, and your anxiously awaiting ears will have their chance to nab it as soon as October 21st. We’ve got the exclusive premiere of the first track off Always, titled “Rat”.

“‘Rat’ is about a couple different things but mainly about being in downtown Los Angeles in 2013 and hanging out with our friends,” explains Zuverza. “After the bars closed we decided to stay at a low rate hotel, which turned out to be a very bad idea.”

Knowing the context of the song is everything. But that fact doesn’t necessarily detract from the vibey, beautiful instrumentals that lay claim to the soul of the song. It isn’t until about 1:08 that Zuverza’s deep vocals set in, enveloped in the hazy feel of the track itself. “Rat” is the perfect track to play during your autumn festivities. Give it a spin.

Always is out October 21st via Austin’s Monofonus Press. It is available for preorder now.