High Wolf, “Free Your Energy Field”

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High Wolf's Bathetic 7-inch, inspired by Varanasi, India

We've let the High Wolf chatter on this website settle a whole day, so it's time to stir it up again. Formerly France-based High Wolf is supposedly out-posted and outer-wonking on his mind's eye guitar tapestries in Djakarta/Jakarta a.k.a. the capital of Indonesia, after passing through India. (Cue that album art).

He described his upcoming Bathetic 7-inch:

“This record is like a mental postcard from Varanasi (India). It's probably my favorite place in the whole world, being there is like being on LSD. And if you dive in Ganga water (the purest water on earth according to the hindus, the most polluted and unhealthy according to science), hold your breath and open your ears, this music is what you'll hear.”

Enjoy the infinite horizons on Side A of the release:

High Wolf, “Free Your Energy Field”