+HIRS+, “Little White Dress” (feat. Suzy X)

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+HIRS+ is a fast and furious NO GODS//NO COPS//NO BROS queer grind/thrash group from Philadelphia. Although often indecipherable, +HIRS+’ lyrics are empowering, anti-authoritarian, infuriated declarations that barely reach the 30-second mark. One example is, “The pronoun game is not a fucking game. it’s respect for any and all that deal with hate. It’s important to correct yourself when you fuck up and know it probably hurts the other person more than you. So stop being so selfish and be a real ally to your friends that get bashed everyday.” All that in 25 seconds. Whoa.

+HIRS+ has released the demos from a split with Boston’s Peeple Watchin’ that includes a track with vocals and lyrics from Suzy X. Titled “Little White Dress”, the song is 49 seconds of abrasive grindcore confronting religion, sexuality, and shame:

“You can’t say shit that would make me ashamed / I’ll cover up my knees / Forgive me PLEASE / I am just fourteen but your church don’t like my body / Make me hide my skin, sweating sin through my cardigan.”

Stream “Little White Dress” below and visit +HIRS+’ bandcamp to check out their hundreds of other songs.