Holy Golden, Wax Castle

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Mixed in Rhode Island and recorded across the United States, Wax Castle is a haunted, mythological masterpiece from the duo Holy Golden. This 10-track, ethereal release has its debut today, exclusively on Impose. Leslie Schott and Andrew Valenti hone a 2013-founded creative process self-described as “a labyrinthian breadcrumb trail fueled by their darkest sorrows and brightest fantasies” in their new record. Accompanying the launch of Wax Castle is the music video for “Volcanoes”, full of raw vocals and memorable guitar work- give it a quick listen:

The true anthem of Wax Castle is “Being On Our Backs”, found in the latter half of Holy Golden’s sophomore album. An astonishing touch is put on the modest piano elements, making for a vocal climax that ultimately ends in authentic satisfaction. Stream Wax Castle below:

Holy Golden is active on Facebook, and you can support them on Bandcamp.