Homeboy Sandman, “Wade In The Water”

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Homeboy Sandman, White Sands

Since signing to Stones Throw, Homeboy Sandman has maintained a staggering release schedule that includes what feels like quarterly EPs that bookend 2012's First Of A Living Breed LP. It don't stop with, Homeboy. In February he's releasing the follow-up to Living Breed in the form of a collaborative LP with Paul White called White Sands.

Paul White has gained the most nororeity of late after contribution production to Danny Brown's XXX and OLD albums, but South London producer has been at it for over a decade, most of which can be heard on his Bandcamp. Homeboy Sandman appeared on White's Watch The Ants EP, released in July 2013, on album closer “Find A Way”, a blippy psychedelic track that inches closer to pop music than rap. On “Wade In The Water”, White caters to Sandman's strength, keeping the production sparse and jazzy, so that Sandman may skat and wax poetic on his business strats, his sisters with nipple rings, and laundromat woes. Most notable though is Sandman's stance on meeting the rappers he once admired with a third verse that opens with “you know who sucks too / every single rapper that I used to look up to / when I was drinking formula I loved you / son, you had a formula that you should have stuck to”.

Homeboy Sandman & Paul White's White Sands LP is out February 25 on Stones Throw.

Homeboy Sandman is performing in NYC at Gramercy Theatre on January 18 with YC The Cynic, I Am Many, Open Mike Eagle and Tone Tank. Tickets here.