I And I, “Should Have Been A Beekeeper”

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I And I

I And I is the brain child of Adam Sarmiento, who crafts push-button space transmissions from a field in Oklahoma in attempts to entice the third kind. While Sarmiento endured stints in bands like New Tribe, The Pistol Arrows and The Candles, he's been crafting galactic disco on the side since his 2005 debut We Are.

Our debut from his upcoming The Alpha Future is “Should Have Been A Beekeeper” and if we were to take the title at its most basic sentiment, we could not disagree more. I And I was meant to transmit electronica, although upon deeper exploration of the lyrics we sympathsize with his longing for “a small taste of honey” while floating uncontrollably through outer space.

I And I's record is a departure from previous works, as Sarmiento recorded on the fly to capture the live experience in his permanent compositions. Thus a track like “Should Have Been A Beekeeper” retains a spontaneity felt in the pitter-patter of his drum breaks before the song launches into its first verse.

The Alpha Future is out May 31 on Alchemist Records.

I And I, “Should Have Been A Beekeeper”