Impregnable, “Femoral”

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Impregnable, Beauty Stone c15

Jeff Witscher's soundscapes can tear your heart out of your chest.

Witshcer has performed in many projects, under many names, and shifted genres and styles numerous times. There's his shimmering, chaotic bliss of Secret Abuse, the intricate experimental electronics fire as Rene Hell and Abelar Scout, the noise-fueled thrash and burn of both Deep Jew and Trash Dog, as well as the tranquil stylings of Marble Sky. That's actually just a handful, the list goes on. It should be noted that Witscher is also the man behind the killer Callow God label, which has released the likes of Ahlzagailzehguh, Everyday Loneliness, Taiga Remains, Pedestrian Deposit, and Lazy Magnet, as well as all of his own projects.

As Impregnable, he's covered the areas of both extremely harsh, skull-fucking noise and beautiful, droning soundscapes, more akin to his work as Marble Sky. He's even wrapped the harsh vibes with the blissful vibes, and it always seems to work.

“Femoral” is from one of the more breathy, ethereal type-Impregnable releases, Beauty Stone. Beauty Stone is a 15 minute cassette, originally released on Iatrogenesis Records in 2006 in an edition of 50 copies (re-released later that year on Callow God), of dense, dragging tones. It's dissonant, but lovely; glorious, with a hint of sadness. I refrain from calling it bleak, because there's a warmth within the sound that's undeniable. This is extremely elegant stuff. You should definitely look into the works of Jeff Witscher. Homeboy is pumping out some interesting, atmospheric music of all types.

AND FYI, Bathetic Records will be releasing a split 7-inch between Witscher's Rene Hell and Wet Hair in the coming months!