Infinite Third, "Vision (s)"

Since releasing his debut album as Infinite Third back in 2009, artist Billy Mays III has been exploring expansive, experimental soundscapes that work to engulf and immerse the listener. His latest album, Channel (s), continues his world building as looped guitars, undulating rhythms and ethereal electronic elements fuse to transport.
Impose Magazine is happy to host the exclusive premiere of the album’s latest single, “Vision (s),” today. On the track, Infinite Third crafts a vision that rises and falls in thirds as initial, skittering beats receive layers of guitars and whirring, fizzing sounds. “Vision (s)” is a brilliant listen that manages to accomplish a lot drawing from a minimalist palette.
Mays III, shares “This is a produced version of a live-looping, beatboxing song I regularly perform live. It features my good friend Gordon Sloan’s throat singing as well as my wife’s voice, in reverse.”
Stream Infinite Third’s “Vision (s)” below and pre-order your copy of Channel (s), out November 22nd, here.

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