Goodfight "Florida Room"

Post Author: Joseph Anthony Evans

Brooklyn singer/songwriter Andrew Forman is the cerebrum behind the good feelings Goodfight brings us. At the age of 18, he moved to Manhatten to pursue a dream, the dream was to play jazz guitar. Not before long he found his vocation, he started performing live at many notable venues across New York City. To Forman’s disbelief, he started to become burnt out in the jazz world. But he didn’t stop there.

During his jazz days, there were many musicians he became acquainted with, this opened up many opportunities for him later in his career. Collaborator Dion Kerr (Bassist & Producer) sparked the inspiration Forman needed to move forward. “Together, Forman and Kerr released an EP under the moniker LiveJazz via Kerr’s label, Concerned Relatives. Following the release, the two musicians began further developing personal projects and writing new music. For Forman, this was the moment when Goodfight was born. After several line up changes, the band has hit its stride with a talented group consisting of Annique Johnson (of Annique Monet), Daryl Johns (of Sweet Joseph), David Zyto and Guy Paz.
“Flordia Room” paints us a unique picture that reminds us of a soft ballad. The single consists of soft vocal harmonies that you wouldn’t usually hear, but pair together exceptionally well with the sounds of slow, emotional jangle rock. Without a doubt, this will be an album for the turntable.