Inflatable Mattress, Pumped Up / Blue Mattress

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Inflatable Mattress

Your new favorite cassette is over at Wigflip Records right now, fresh beats from the label founder himself. Will Pesta is Inflatable Mattress, who is also known to produce psycho-ambient swirls under the Happy Family moniker. I covered the first side of this tape, Pumped Up, back at the beginning of this year.

Side B sports Blue Mattress – a deeper cosmic adventure through the beats of a skewed-pop culture junky. “Silent Heads” is an early groove on the side, a stand-out lifter that rolls like heavy white clouds over a steel skyscraper on a windy day.

This is Wigflip's newest offering, available to order now on tape from their site or digitally over on Boomkat. Also, you definitely don't want to miss out on this wonked-out romper room short for the Jazzy J mix of “Funkhouser”, the turntable cats that star in “With You”, or the appropriate scientific cosmos of “Ascension".