Inspired & The Sleep, “Getting Through”

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Oceanside, California’s psychedelic indie pop duo Inspired & The Sleep – comprised of Max Greenhalgh and Bryce Outcault – is releasing some work following up the success of last year’s critically acclaimed Eyelid Kid EP. Their latest single is titled “Getting Through” – a follow up to this summer’s “Sweet Company” – and we have the exclusive premiere for you.

Light, airy dance music starts the track off, synth entering to make it feel slightly 80’s, but 100% fun. “There’s nothing to be sad” is the first line, so now we’re all on the same page. The song goes on to elaborate “scars that are healing” and an intricate narrative plays out over the course of the upbeat song, making us all feel as though we’re connected through the tough times.

“‘Getting Through’ is a tune that takes a third party view of the walls we put up against the ones we hold (or have held) the closest,” elaborates Inspired & The Sleep. “It seems so obtuse to shut out the ones we, at one point, held so dearly. You can’t help but ask yourself why?”

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