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If ISVOLT isn't Disaro's definitive statement of its moment in the cold, dark, drag sun, it means nothing. Because if there's anyone out there who can put a definition on the witch-house micro-movement, it's this LA-by-way-of-Houston-based label, who count the progenitors of the not-so fake genre, Salem, among their roster, along with exhibits A (White Ring), B (Fostercare), C, (Modern Witch), etc. etc. etc.

So this is their nine song compilation, the moment-in-time answer to the C86 NME comp or Eno's No New York, even if you wouldn't scratch a witch-house track with a ten foot stylus and can't imagine comparing the cultural heft of those past examples to the weird blend of appropriation Houston hip hop and electroid shoegaze that have come to define this infant movement, and these as some of the chosen players:

ISVOLT tracklisting:
01 †‡† (Ritualzz) – Misery Walk
02 Party Trash – Sky Clad
03 Fostercare – Cold Light
04 //TENSE// – Versus Man
05 Modern Witch – Your Life a Movie
06 Mater Suspiria Vision – Ritualz of the Crack Witches
07 Horse MacGyver- Nod
08 White Ring – IxC999
09 Raw Moans – Nectarine

Also, enjoy an exclusive stream of Mater Suspiria Vision's “Ritualz of the Crack Witches”, below.