J Fernandez, “Read My Mind”

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Chicago’s J Fernandez has been putting out music under his own name since 2012. In the time since, he has released three EP’s, an LP, and a 7″, all of which have shown different aspects of his loose fitting guitar rock. Across those works, Fernandez resides in an intelligent space without being condescending, all the while staying sonically interesting. “Read My Mind”, the first single off of his upcoming Joyful Noise debut, Many Levels of Laughter, is similarly minded. Fernandez occupies a musical space that has never seemed overly concerned with the temporal aspect of our world, and “Read My Mind” is similarly affected. This timelessness makes sense with the knowledge that Fernandez recorded the whole album in his bedroom; the ceiling fan keyboards and light switch drum clicks mimic staring at the ceiling until time ceases to have any relation, and the only semblance of chronography lies in a rambling faux-stoned train of thought. Something in Fernandez’s songwriting begs comparisons to older works, but his is take rooted undoubtably in the moment. As he says “ignore the voices, tell me lies I don’t want to know” it is easy to understand as a desire to escape the chaos outside and retreat, perhaps, to one’s bedroom.

You can stream “Read My Mind” below. Many Levels of Laughter is due out June 9 on Joyful Noise.