JERK, “Delicacy”

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Based out of Houston, TX, three piece JERK holds no similarities to the typical Texan music normally associated with the state. As a new-age pop trio, JERK is a collaboration between multi-instrumentalist Austin Smith, drummer Zach Alderman, and keyboardist/vocalist Vicki Lynn. With a debut EP hitting the interwebs in just under a month, these Texan innovators are serving up a fresh taste of pop, with a sound that lies somewhere between spooky and caffeinated.

“Delicacy” features dark, haunted vocals, ones that feel like they’re screaming up from the depths of the underworld to catch your attention. Synths drive the barren ballad along, hinting at Kavinsky influences with touches of Cookies. Complete with a perpetual beat that screams 90s R&B, the track could pass for a snippet of music from an Adam Wingard directed flick, specifically You’re Next or The Guest. Images of neon lights and lonely nightclubs fill our minds as JERK envelops us in their warm approach to pop.

“ZZ Top had a baby,  and it listened to disco; Texas-trio Jerk offers a pitched-down lament about dinner dates.” – Austin Smith

JERK’s debut EP is out November 11 via Very Jazzed.