Jerome LOL, “Awake/Asleep”

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Like alot of people on the East Coast, I got totally owned by Sandy. The worst part about the lack of power, besides not being able to see fucking anything, is I can't lurk the depths of the Internet for new music. To try to cope with my withdrawl from Bandcamp, I ordered the Jerome LOL cassette (limited edition of 48, already sold out, sorry). I figured even though I can't charge my iPod, my brick of a tape player runs on AA batteries, so I should be able to vibe on that for a while. While looking at the track list, I noticed there was a track that I hadn't heard yet. I ran to my local Starbucks, avoiding eye contact with the cashier so I wouldn't have to buy an expensive drink. I logged onto the wifi, and behold, there it was–”Awake/Asleep”, the newest, and final installment in the Opposites series.

Unlike the other three tracks in the series, “Awake/Asleep” isn't necessarily a dance song. The first half of the piece, or the “Awake” portion, is a chirpy, 8-bit melody full of arpeggio harmonies. As the track progresses, the “Asleep” portion takes over, and things begin to take a darker, slumber like tone. Drone-esque synths get louder and louder as the song goes on, and things do indeed get sleepy, making you reminisce of the time you took too much NyQuil and fell asleep in your roomate's shower.

Stream the track below, and download the rest of Jerome LOL's Opposites series on his Soundcloud.