Jerome LOL, “Yellow” (Coldplay cover)

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Jerome LOL

Well it looks like the “Yellow” Wikipedia page for Coldplay's career-making single in 2000 needs to add Jerome LOL to the decorated list of cover artists like Chinese rock singer Zheng Jun, Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, lounge cover band Richard Cheese and the Lounge Against The Machine, and progressive bluegrass tio Nickel Creek (that was only the tip of a WTF-listing).

The Coldplay cover comes ahead of the news that Jerome LOL is releasing a new EP in early '14 on Friends of Friends. Frigid and robotic, Jerome's cover dehumanizes a song Chris Martin wrote with “brightness, hope, and devotion.” Under the guidance of Jerome LOL, “Yellow” is a menacing and dark as the robot's croon expresses the extent of its unrequited love. In this medium “Yellow” sounds like a poem in a journal of the mentally ill, unsettled by the shine of stars and willing to bleed for a cause which no other is willing to reciprocate.

Chris Martin was kinda fucked up 13 years ago.