Jesse Futerman, “One For Falafel King”

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If I was shut off from my favorite food forever, I’d feel much of the melancholy Toronto producer Jesse Futerman’s “One For Falafel King” emits. Futerman crafted the song in tribute to Falafel King, his “favorite restaurant in Toronto,” which recently closed.

He notes the restaurant as “integral to his music,” which explains the sentimental tone of the track. A six-minute showcase of ethereal keys, warm synths, and a fascinatingly slothy bass, “One For Falafel King” is an unmistakably downcast take on House.

I found myself most affected by the patience of the composition. Instead of laying the textures atop each other, Futerman masterfully weaved them in and out over sturdy, spirited drums. It would have been easy for Futerman to mush the track into a ball of sound, but he sequenced the song so the listener could savor every melody. That’s an impressive feat for a track created from a place of dejection.

You can stream “One For Falafel King” below.