Joanne Gruesome, “Last Year”

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Joanna Gruesome is dropping a new album, Peanut Butter, this spring. If the first singles are any indication, the record is likely to be another welcome experiment with the combination of atonal, British hardcore punk and hyper melodic pop music. We’ve already heard “Jerome (Liar)” and now the band have  also shared “Last Year”, a song as dichotomous as the band itself, about experiencing tragedy and the occult in a water park.

In a statement about the new record, songwriter Owen Williams said: “Lyrically, it’s more obtuse and surreal but also attempts to mock trad masculine rock themes whenever things do get more lucid. But sometimes musically we embrace them by doing embarrassing guitar solos.” This self-awareness in a genre that is not always so cognizant of its patriarchal history is what makes Joanna Gruesome’s tendency toward screaming and sonic violence so captivating.

Peanut Butter is out June 2 via Slumberland in the United States and May 11 via Fortuna POP (UK) and Turnstile (ROW).