Jonny Dee – “Rotation”

Post Author: Jeff Cubbison

Jonny Dee is a San Diego-based musician and rapper who effortlessly blends R&B, funk, pop, and garage-rock textures with groovy hip-hop vibes. Last year he released his debut album The Human Experience, a vibrant showcase for his soulful flow and intricate instrumental jams. Now he returns with a brand new single, the sunny and shimmering pop gem “Rotation.”

Through a sheen of effervescent production, “Rotation” is a rollicking collage of rhythmic bass slaps, propulsive percussion, and airy keyboards. Dee’s infectious singing voice oscillates between soulful croons and confident verses in which his delivery is crisp and triumphant. “She love to play Bowie/ TV dinners watching Beatles movies on codeine,” he raps, full of charisma and bravado. The song’s chorus is anthemic and uplifting, tailor-made for mass singalongs. Meanwhile, the track hits its euphoric peak with a terrific, winding guitar solo that brings it all home in rousing style. It’s the perfect song to reel in the start of summer, and another home run for Jonny Dee. Listen to it below.