Jonwayne, “Watching Me” (feat. Quelle & Zeroh)

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If we were given the dubious honor of hanging out in one of Jonwayne's recording sessions with his LA brethren, there would be no issue in confirming the sounds from the speakers to be pure dope. If in this session “Watching Me” was played, we could look to Jonwayne, Quelle, and Zeroh with confidence and confirm all parties paid their just due. Though we hope in this imagined scenario that Jonwayne never asks for our thoughts on his MS Paint skills.

It's not that we have a problem with the art accompanying his loose singles and free EPs. We find them very amusing. We just prefer results like the nice package Stones Throw put together for Cassette and hope they handle all future proper release artwork.

We would also like to welcome back Zeroh to rapping, as we've not heard from him since Awfulalterations back in June of 2011. Just because we compared you to Saafir doesn't mean we wanted you to be as hermetic as him.