Kalahysteri, “Mountain”

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Italian music agency Hoodooh, who also brought us vintage pop Tight Eye earlier this year, now gives us something brand new: Italian Americana trio Kalahysteri. With their debut album due out next winter, here is the premiere of Kalahysteri’s first track, “Mountain.”

Made up of three lovely and talented women – Astrid Dante (Miss Chain & The Broken Heels), Elisa De Munari (Elli de Mon), and Giusi Pesenti (Dry&Dust) – this band coined the term Kalahysteri to mean “beautiful hysteria.”  Their folksy combination of voice, guitar, double bass, and percussion are a true testament to their name.  Especially in “Mountain,” they meld together their more traditional instruments with a haunting harmonies, and as the song progresses, the tempo and urgency of the song picks up, creating an alluring frenzy in the listener.

They gave life to this new album with a line from Dolly Parton in mind: “Storms make trees take deeper roots.” Kalahysteri has learned to keep their heads up and steady in times of strife, and their ten-song album, ranging from bluesy pop to european folk music, proves that these ladies know how to stay on top.

Their debut album is due this winter.