Kendrick Lamar, “Look Out For Detox” Freestyle + new Jay Rock

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It pleases me greatly to see all the Kendrick Lamar love going around the interwebs. The first cosign came from J. Cole during a ustream feed, in which he bumped O.D. in the background while answering fan questions. Then came the bombshell when Dr. Dre expressed interest in working with Mr. Lamar.

Let's hope this does not lead to an Aftermath signing that takes eight years to manifest into an album. Keep your head on straight, Kendrick. He's not an actual doctor, despite what he says in those Dr. Pepper commercials and this photo:

Kendrick Lamar plays that radio interview before going in with his rawest freestyle since he went ape shit over the “Monster” beat. “Look Out For Detox” has Kendrick flexing all of his styles at once like he's auditioning his madness for Dr. Dre. Personally, I think he kills it with:

tell the government come shoot me, nigga / cause I’m going out with a fist raised and a fist full of money give it to a fifth grade / drink a fifth of Hennessy and then take another fade with a democratic politician from CA / they don’t wanna see a B-L-A-C-K making some scratch like a hall of fame DJ / give us some free j’s put us in PJ’s / now we in the county jail calling for a threeway, God-Damn, ya'll / mark of the beast where the god damn barcode stuck in the street was dark like Harpo / black man tell me where your God-Damn heart go.

Kendrick Lamar, “Look Out for Detox”

TDE is hard at work this week with Jay Rock dropping his Black Friday mixtape. The first glimpse into his latest mixtape is “Diary of a Broke Nigga,” which wisely features Kendrick on the chorus. It's been a pleasure seeing a resurgence of Compton MCs this year and to have them catch the eyes and ears of the old guard feels like dues paid. Now, it's time for a Black Hippy album!

Jay Rock, “Diary of a Broke Nigga” (feat. Kendrick Lamar)