Kickball pull a Fugazi

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Kickball was a band for 10 years (they are still technically a band, however they are on an extended hiatus) and during that time, drummer Lisa Schonberg carried around a mini disc recorder to every single gig. As you can imagine, that generated a lot of tapes, and now, with the help of the people at High Fives and Handshakes Records in Seattle the three-piece is getting around to uploading everything online, in the style of the Fugazi archive. Except the shows won't even cost five dollars! Everything is going up on the Tumblr eventually, but for now I've embedded the first show below. You can shoot them a donation if you feel like that would be nice (it would!). To celebrate the occasion, they are also doing a re-print of one of the best band shirts of all time, a hand-screenprinted number that reads “BE YOUR OWN FUCKING RAINBOW”. There are also tons of live videos and other memories up on the Tumblr.

In related news, Lisa, who went on to drum in Explode into Colors, is releasing a new book on M'Lady's called A DIY Guide to Drums, which is spiral-bound all fancy-like and comes with a bunch of mp3s. I hope they bring copies to their SXSW Rumpus so I can check it out; it isn't released until April 24.