Kid Cudi over LCD Soundsystem again

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kid cudi

Last year he took LCD Soundsystem's “Someone Great,” demanding to know if it was possible for him to be more crystal clear. As a repeat offender of LCD beat jacking, it's indisputable that Kid Cudi wants James Murphy behind the boards on his next album.

Cut your half-steppin' and break into the DFA offices already, Cudi – or are you all talk? This time he and Chip Tha Ripper hi-jacked “Dance Yrself Clean” to get their brag on and address those that run their pie holes too much. It was probably thrown together in a matter of blunted studio hours, as the two only rhyme over the breakdown of handclaps, bongos and synth stabs.

To be honest, I would be thrilled if Mr. Murphy did assist with production on Cudi's next record. I'm really sick of hip hop minded producers, lifting full dance songs and merely laying out their own drums to it. I never thought I'd have a bad thing to say about hip hop sampling, but I truly can not stomach another major dance song appropriated in full to a hip hop format. Do we have “Planet Rock” to blame? Maybe.

Kid Cudi, “All Talk” (Feat. Chip Tha Ripper)