KLOZAPIN, “Floating”

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Brooklyn’s psych-pop four piece KLOZAPIN – comprised of Mitch Todorov (vocals/guitar), Paul Simone (bass), Andy Sky (guitar/vocals), and Jack Walter (drums) – has lightened their sound a bit, while maintaining that raw, infinitely amazing, sound. We’ve got their latest track “Floating” for premiere for you right now.

From the very beginning, we feel as if we are floating on a hazy cloud. Whether said cloud is drug induced or not, this song has a vintage feel to it and smooth vocals to match. It settles our nerves, brings us back a few decades into a simpler time. This feeling is on point, it turns out, as the song serves as a reflection on the past. “This song is about questioning your self and your past selves or just the idea of the ‘self’ in general,” explains Todorov. “I feel that we’re always changing and morphing and trying to process the idea that maybe you’ll never really feel like ‘you’ until it’s in hindsight; until you can look back at your timeline like an outside observer.”

Their next show is on September 11th at Shea Stadium with White Pisces and Mexican Knives