KoBu, “Bless Up”

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KoBu is an up-and-coming group made up of Tara Amber (singer / piano), and Kahiem Rivera (rapper / producer). The duo are both performing arts school alum, and their music fuses together their musical backgrounds. From NYC, we have the exclusive premiere of KoBu’s latest offering.

The track is called “Bless Up,” and it’s the opening track off of their upcoming debut full length album. The song has a dazed feel to it, with relaxed melodies, shimmering electronic beats, and smooth rap verses. Tara’s vocals are hypnotizing, and her voice is absolutely stunning. The track is an interesting mesh of rap, classical components, electronic, and melodic ballads, and the whole track comes together in a pleasantly unexpected way.

“The song is essentially a come down,” expands Kahiem. “A fall from religion, from youth, from substances, from any and everything that pulls you up and away from reality.”

Their debut album, It Doesn’t Get Any Easier Than This, will be released by the end of 2016.