Kory Quinn, "In The Shadow Of The Tower Of Babel"

Post Author: Michael Brummett


Kory Quinn is an Americana songwriter, tapping inspiration and purpose within his soon-to-be-released EP, Black Gold Blues. Recorded in Portland, Oregon, at Rose Leaf Recording, Quinn brought together his band The Quintessentials and legendary blues drummer Jimi Bott to get the job done. His EP comes out in two weeks, on February 10th.

Here’s what Quinn had to say about the song:

“[The song was] originally inspired by the decision and construction of the data centers in Prineville, Oregon. Facebook is the modern version of the tower of babel. This is an anti-protest protest. The character central to this song is one who just wants to walk away from that place which is just a cacophony of argument, tragedy and mindless small talk. It’s all so distracting especially with the signs of the times so blatantly glaring that we need to make some changes or our world will devour us.”


“In The Shadow Of The Tower Of Babel” was my first exposure to both Kory Quinn and The Quintessentials. For listeners who do not typically listen to country music, the energy of Quinn throughout the track calms most hesitations.
The richness of the lyrics rise above the normal chatter of protest songs. Intentionality being so attractive, Quinn’s message of warning almost sounds optimistic in the way he presents it. In this context, “In The Shadow Of The Tower Of Babel” is a promotion of dialogue, splitting the darker meaning behind the lyrics with a digestibly pleasing soundscape.


You can directly support Kory Quinn on his Bandcamp page, and keep in touch with him over Facebook.