Holy Sheboygan, "Hecate"

Post Author: Meredith Schneider

Wisconsin’s self-proclaimed “garbage folk” collective Holy Sheboygan – comprised of Liam O’Brien, Julia Blair, Jeff Edenberg, Racher Graber, Alex Heaton, Ben DeCorsey, and Cameron Carrus – are getting ready to release their new album in March. But before we get to that, we’ve actually got the premiere for their new track “Hecate”.
Beautifully composed folk music serves as the thread which weaves through the quirky vocals, as they sing of being seekers who happen upon what sounds to be the Ancient Greek goddess Hecate, as the title would suggest. Lyrics like “I can see your crimson headband / I can see your golden ankles … Tie me up in your pearl studded waistband” make you realize the being they’re addressing might be more than human, especially when referencing their “wings”. The eventual percussion breakdown is all-encompassing, and we’re ensnared by the sound.

FOUR will be available March 3rd. Keep up with their ever-developing sound here.