Kwaidan, “Gateless Gate”

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Chicago's Kwaidan is comprised of drone specialists Mike Weis (Zelienople), André Foisy (Locrian), and Neil Jendon. Beyond the pale of drone, the trio slip into percussive trances that would sooth a yogi were they not accompanied by terror notes.

Take Kwaidan's “Gateless Gate”, which rustles up a tribal ambience, teetering on the verge of zen and a haunt. They know the darkness they've created and embrace it with the album title Make All The Hell Of Dark Metal Bright. The duration of “Gateless Gate” personifies tension like awakening in a corridor of hell and with each step a fire at the end of he hall burns hotter. It's what being alone in the forest on the album art feels like, as you determine that steady percussion is coming from just beneath that ominous red light.

Listen to “Gateless Gate” and pre-order the record at Bathetic.