La Otracina ride an unchill wave

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reality has got to die la otracina

There is something really great about listening to a song and thinking “this is what would happen
if the Cro-Mags wrote a song, and let the THC slowly flow through their
blood as they recorded.” That's pretty much what I gather from this track off their newest, Reality Has Got To Die.

The thing about La Otracina is that I really liked their earlier
stuff (more spaced out, less “evil” vocals and lyrics), but at least
there is really nothing chill or wave about this. I'm not totally sure
how I feel about the title; but I'm sure if you asked them they'd give you
some really deep and philosophical claptrap. That, or they'd be like
“it's about weed dude.”

La Otracina, “Raze The Sky”