Lapland, “Where Did It Go?”

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There's a curiosity in Lapland's “Where Did It Go?”, an indescernable feeling that never commits to daydreaming or contemplation. It's in the woozy woos. It's in the tasty licks that respond to the woos. Operating as Lapland, Josh Mease hides in the psychedelia of “Where Did It Go?”, but his concerns are genuine. He might be letting the sunrays give his vision sunspots while lying in a poppy field, but it does not compromise the weight of his questions or conclusions.

It's alarming that “Where Did It Go?”, off Lapland's self-titled record, is a bedroom project recorded in isolation. Mease rarely invited company to his recordings, electing for discovery in solitude, but given the fine tuning within the track he has merit to trust in himself. Lapland sounds like one of those escapee to upsate New York records – lost in the Catskills – but Mease remained in Brooklyn and shut out the sleepless city.

Lapland's self-titeld record is out March 26 on Hundred Pockets Records.