Leapling’s “Silent Stone” is a lonely winter

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If Leapling‘s 2013 EP Losing Face was the lonely summer, their upcoming LP Vacant Page looks to be the lonely winter. Leapling’s newest single, “Silent Stone” captures isolation both musically—a chillingly dissonant guitar solo, Dan Arnes’ crisp vocals, which cut through the fog—and lyrically: “What have I been told? Leave me in the Cold”. The lead guitar, turned to the “crunch” setting, is somewhat distant, separate from and yet together with the rest of the song which takes the form of a churning wall of colors, blurring into each other and providing emphasis for other elements to pierce through the soft cement, never hardened however. The very last thing we hear is Arnes’ isolated vocals sing, “What have I been told?” And just like that there is nothing left.

Vacant Page is set for release on February 10 via Inflated Records / Exploding In Sound, you can pre-order it here. Stream “Silent Stone” below.