Les Sins, “Talk About”

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More like Toro Y Quoi, cause Chaz Bundick’s back with a new French disco bent on his latest Les Sins release “Talk About”.

Incredibly infectious, it’s classic club taken to the next level and a welcome swerve away from the chillwave that brought him to prominence all those years ago. And on his hypno-house loop, Bundick woozes and slides across a slick synth that couldn’t possibly call for more pomade. It’s all purposeful too, as the track is inspired by cartoon and movie soundtracks, which explains its earworm bass line and massive hooks akin to something straight out of a space-case meets Saturday Night Fever scenario.

Apparently it’s also a cheeky jab at the irritating “talk about” questions interviewers tend to ask musicians, mixed with a rap sample about someone getting shot. Yikes, remind us to never preface anything with that again.

Les Sins’ Michael is out November on Company Records.