Lilah Larson, “On Inertia”

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Pentimento, releasing in January, 2017, is Lilah Larson’s first solo LP following her work as a member Sons of an Illustrious Father.  “On Inertia” is the third single from the album.  The quiet but powerful ballad has powerful subject matter –  it speaks of finding strength in hard times and the people in our lives that we can lean on.  “All my friends who I never see/Have no way to know that they mean so very much to me”.

Although written before the 2016 election, Larson has created an acoustic tune that tells a very pointed narrative that needs to be heard, especially in these uncertain times.  It speaks of topics, action, and questions.  Throughout history, music has spoken when people have seemingly had no voice.  This is a song for these times.

“Justice for all/It’s not your fault/At least we tried”

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