Lily Taylor, “Apples and Cinnamon”

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lily taylor technicolor headdress

Billowing. That’s exactly what “Apples and Cinnamon”, the lead single off off Lily Taylor’s forthcoming album The Ride, is.

At the start, the purring tape swirl gives you the impression of curtains fluttering in the wind. The sustained cycle of curling textiles flutters over and over, echoing some soft sound each time their figurative fibers touch. Then the clang of jangly cymbals drag you out of the bedroom daze and into the song’s enveloping trajectory. Layers of melodic vocals enter, tilt-a-whirling around the circumference of your mind like the visceral ring of a Tibetan singing bowl at the end of your final Savasana. Except this isn’t the final anything. Taylor’s voice floods over the tribal timpani beat, multiplying itself until you can’t tell how many voices you’re hearing or from what angles they are emanating.

If “Apples and Cinnamon” is any indication, Lily Taylor’s penchant for angelic avant pop hymnals will warm the souls of those in favor of the vocal and rhythm stylings of Glasser or Braids.

Listen to the hypnotic track below. Pre-order The Ride here before it comes out September 2nd via Pour le Corps Records.