Lionlimb, “Domino”

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Songwriter Stewart Bronaugh and drummer Joshua Jaeger, who also play together in Angel Olsen’s band, are about to release their first album as Lionlimb, Shoo. The first single, “Domino,” has a melancholic melodic slant and a gently bumping rhythm (the duo claim they owe the drum breaks to Amerie’s 2005 certified banger “1 Thing,” which still goes as hard today as it ever did) that puts it in perfect Elliott Smith territory – smart, thoughtful, with emotion embedded in every rolling movement. It’s an elegantly constructed track gilded with piano and horn parts that perfectly complement Bronaugh’s vocal delivery. Careful construction seems to be the name of the game for Lionlimb in their current iteration; this work is light years ahead of the garage template they were playing with last year. It’s layered, deliberate, but never feels forced.

Listen to “Domino” below:

Shoo is out March 4th on Bayonet Records.