Liphemra, For The Record: Fuck Valentine's Day Mix

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Since gracing our radar on a collaboration with Caleb Stone of Professor Calculus, Liphemra has been quietly building a rep in Los Angeles, playing drums on records from our favorite LA labels and collaborating with some of our favorite rappers in the city. In March Liphemra will release Part 3, a mixtape functioning as a proper, lengthier introduction to Liphemra's moody style of macabre pop and rap synthesis.

While we wait for the mixtape, Liphemra curated a Friday Night mix that delves into her repertoire and features a remix to her track “Bloodwork” by 4e∞. She confessed that in making the mix, she unwittingly blended tracks fit for loner's on this lover's holiday, it was only upon turning in the finished mix she realized it would debut on Valentine's Day. On a subconscious level, Liphemra was inspired by St. Valentine, but she's also go an exclusive track on Soundcloud, only up for the next 24hours, that scorns the muse. (Ed's Note: update: the track is now removed)

Liphemra has a few choice words regarding her mix and the holiday:

These are definitely love making songs.. but for the record: fuck Valentine's Day.

01 Hoarse – Earl Sweatshirt
02 Bloodwork – Liphemra (4e∞ Rework)
03 How's That- FKA twigs
04 Penny's Confession- Ras G
05 Sphagnum Esplanade- The Shins
06 Faking Jazz Together- Connan Mockasin
07 Papercuts- Broadcast
08 So Real- Jeff Buckley
09 Make'em Nv- J Dilla
10 Sleep Tonight- Jeffertittis Nile
11 III. Life: The Biggest Troll (Andrew Auernheimer)- Childish Gambino