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Ana Lola Roman and her lavishly strange, fluttering synth-pop caught my ear a while ago after I noticed she had shows coming up with the likes of Best Hits, Miracles, about half of Wham City, and an upcoming Impose date (June 27) with Pterodactyl, A Sunny Day in Glasgow and Boogie Boarder. Wham City was last friday, and soundly confirmed her talents as an instrumentalist, uniquely tremelo-heavy vocalist, and magnetic stage personality. I can see how she became friends with the Wham crew: her compositions are bright and fun, catching an easy balance between the accessible and the arcane. I'd hazard to say that her best material may have been what I saw live, but a couple recent EPs do capture much of what makes her work so intriguing.

Ana Lola Roman, (Untitled, Track 2 of Naturally More Molatov)