Listen to Death Valley Girls’ new LP ‘Under the Spell of Joy’

Post Author: Jeff Cubbison

L.A. psych purveyors’ latest LP takes their sound to cosmic new heights

For the last several years, Death Valley Girls have been one of the purveyors of the L.A. psychedelic scene with their propulsive blend of proto-punk, gazy garage rock and desert-blasted metal. We were huge fans of their last album, 2018’s witchy and hyper-charged Darkness Rains, and today the Bonnie Bloomgarden-led band has dropped the follow-up and their most ambitious and diverse album yet, Under the Spell of Joy.

Under the Spell of Joy pushes the boundaries of Death Valley Girls’ sound in hypnotic ways, capturing an aura that is cosmic, mystical and euphoric. There are moments of Sabbath-y riffage interspersed with droning organs and anthemic, choir-fueled choruses. “Hypnagogia” and “The Universe” explore spacey new territory as slithery saxophones and organs build and snowball to stratospheric heights. And then there’s the rollicking garage pop rock of tracks like “Hold My Hand” and “Bliss Out,” which provide that much-needed dose of psychic triumph that 2020 has been sorely lacking. From start to finish, it’s the transcendental listening experience you’ve been crying out for.

Under the Spell of Joy is available to purchase via Suicide Squeeze in three different color vinyl editions. You can buy the LP HERE and preview it below.