Low Leaf, “Psychlez”

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LA-Based, Filipino-American artist Low Leaf hasn’t blessed us with her experimental, cathartic music since 2015’s Diwata Mantraz Vol. 1. She’s on the verge of releasing Palm Psalms: A Light to Resolve All Darkness, her sixth studio project, on November 11th. Low Leaf has decided to treat us to a second dose of the album with “Pychlez,” the newest single from the project.

The track starts with rapid, soothing piano chords and Low Leaf gently singing of “a place beyond this time of space.” She has always spoken of the atmos from a reverent, serene perspective, and “Psychlez” is no different. Her spirituality radiates through the track. It’s fitting she speaks of humanity as “one creation floating in space,” because the four people who help lay the instrumentation on the track worked firmly on one accord.

The composition serves as an earthy, rich soundbed ripe to bellow through festival speakers. Low Leaf’s ever-optimistic message is as re-assuring as ever on “Psychlez,” a strong preview of what’s in store on her forthcoming 13-track album.

You can pre-order Palm Psalms here. You can stream “Psychlez” below.