Ludacris, Conjure (A Hustler's Spirit)

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Ludacris takes time out of making millions of dollars to promote his new cognac so he can, in turn, make millions of dollars.

When you hear about southern rap you think Wayne, Jeezy, Boosie, Gucci, T.I., but rarely does Ludacris enter the conversation. He probably noticed that, because this album is filled with hot instrumentals out of the A, like “Wasted”, “O Let's Do It”, and “Patna Dem”. He sounds great on this, pulling off lyrical flips and letting loose a little more than he has on his last few albums.

If you listen closely, you may also hear about a drink called Conjure, which Ludacris may or may not have some affiliation with. The idea is kind of abstract, but let's have the man himself explain it:

“We on Spring like a mattress” – Ludacris, 2010

Download the whole mixtape here.

Tracklist for Conjure:

01 Intro
02 Wasted
03 O' Lets Do It
04 Patna Dem
05 Conjure Commercial 1
06 All The Way Turned Up (Ludamix)
07 Born An OG
08 Atlanta, GA
09 Conjure Commercial 2
10 Everybody Wit Me
11 Bullet Proof
12 Conjure Commercial 3
13 Don't Trust Her Ft. Gucci Mane
14 Addicted to Money
15 We Gettin Rich
16 Conjure Commercial 4
17 Regret
18 Sex Therapy
19 Outro
20 Pennies